Monday, August 1, 2011

“Will you consider including synchronous tools in your future EFL classroom in Saudi Arabia? Will there be any drawbacks?”

Synchronous tools possess the advantage of being able to engage people instantly and at the same point in time. These tools allow people to connect at a single point in time, at the same time. There are many tools that can be used with English language students such as audio, web conferencing, online, chat and instant messaging. In my future as an English language teacher and also as a digital native, I will use synchronous tool in my EFL classroom for several reasons. First, I think it’s important for learning the language. The language learning depends on communication between teacher and student. It will be useful to use synchronous tools. Other reason, it will help me to achieve my teaching goal to make my student able to communicate with other and I can make them feel enjoyment during the class.
In my opinion there are no drawbacks for using synchronous tools in Saudi Arabia.       

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students



      In fact, the uses of these technologies increase the technological information
      among people and allow them to communicate with others easily.
 I encourage this technology and I will be used with my EFL students step by step.

For blogger  I will show them my blog to take background about it. Then they will go to    and see the Blogger homepage and start to create an account. I ask them to make sure of their names and passwords. They begin to introduce themselves and follow each other and start posting their friend blog.

For wiki  they have to go to the home page of the wiki  and start registering as a new member and begin to    fill the blanks and  make sure they are available.
    For deliciuos
       They will choose  JOIN NOW  and start following the steps one by one.
      After the completion they start tagging and do not forget their favorite links.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Application of Bax Normalization in Saudi Arabia: The how!"

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalization' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"
Through the reading of the article, Stephan Bax wrote about how we can use technology in our daily life specifically sing a computer in language teaching. Also, He suggested that we should give attention to the other fields that led to successful Computer-assisted language learning such as technology, software teacher and learners' attitudes. Bax said that we need some of the steps and stages to reach this goal (Normalization) and he summarized them in seven phases which are early adopters, ignorance\skepticism, try once, and try again, fear\awe, normalizing and normalization.    
In Saudi Arabia I cannot deny that we still have ignorance in the use of technology in teaching language, but some schools applied this system I believe that technology will soon spread in all parts. In the late period some teachers are using POWER PIONT in their teaching of language and from my point of view it is a good start to use the technology in our daily lives and depend on it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

this is my first time to use blogger
I hope to enjoy togather